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Frequently asked questions about helping kittens


I definitely spend the most on the vet. Only a few cats from the street are "problem-free", many are sick, injured, some require long-term treatment, operations, special and expensive examinations. Well, even if not,Before adoption, each kitten usually undergoes the following veterinary procedures: FIV/ FeLV test, Deparasitism, Vaccination against infectious diseases 2x + against rabies 1x, Castration, Chipping.

I do not require any adoption fee, so I will not be reimbursed for any costs, so any financial support from you would be very helpful. Only then can we help others. Thank you!

Spící kočka


How can I help?

You can send the payment to one of the listed options.

Miroslava Parízková

IBAN: SK8209000000000252830094



Transfer to a bank account in Qatar

Miroslava Parízková

IBAN: QA15QNBA000000000060374607001

Or visit the website

and contribute by pressing the buttonGIVE


What happens to the money sent?

The money will be used to cover veterinary costs for rescued cats from the streets of Qatar.


How do I know you used the money for the promised purpose?

I will send the confirmation of payment for veterinary care to the email address that you will enter in the note when transferring.

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