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Sophie and Tobby rescue number 1 in 2023

Tobby the brick cat and the black cat. Sophia. About 2 months to the day when I saw something black lying on the ground in front of the lights of my car right in the middle of the road.And the surprise was Sophie and Tobby curled up next to her. Well, I couldn't leave them there. I took small aggressive and fearful creatures to the vet. However, the doctor did not have a good report. Due to the infection, they both lost part of their sight. Hospitalization, antibiotics, the little ones had about 650 grams each. I went to the vet every day, talked and tried to make contact. The brick cat purred quickly. He discovered that human touch doesn't just hurt, he just wanted to play, was curious and spun like a machine. Sophinke, like any woman, it took longer. I had to do it slowly, it cost me a lot of bites and scratches, but I didn't give up. When I went to look at her with the hand from which she felt her brother, she was still hissing a little, but she stopped. If she didn't feel a brother in me, it was bad. After weeks in the hospital and in a foster home, I had to take them home, even though it wasn't easy with my two adult cats. However, after almost two weeks, we reached the tolerance phase and both tiny kittens acclimatized. However, the eye problems did not stop. Unfortunately, little Sophie hit herself while playing with her brother and the lens of her eye was damaged. The eye swelled and burst even though I immediately ran to the vet. The doctor performed the operation, sewed up the eye, and we are waiting to see what happens next. It is very difficult to find someone who wants a "disabled" kitten and not just two. Unfortunately, due to their handicap and the way they are attached to each other, the condition of adoption was that they must go together. However, after weeks of searching, the guardian angel himself sent me to the lady who took them both home. They are currently in a trial period of 30 days in a new home, but I believe that luck smiled on them and the lady will keep them. I am praying hard for this miracle. There will be work with them due to all the inevitable medical intervention, but thankswww.znesnaze21.czI am able to cover 90% of the collected money from the project they started for me. Their story is not over yet, but we are well on our way. 


Zizou (Red),is a rescued four-year-old cat that was tested positive for the corona virus. The family threw him out on the street as a kitten and did not want to pay for medical expenses. At that time, I was looking for a cat to adopt for myself, and this bastard stole my heart.

Gaia, (white with spots), is a two-year-old cat that I found on the promenade, kicked by Arab men. She had a skin disease that I treated for 6 weeks. She had ear and eye infections and has chronic kidney failure. I took her home with me with the intention of finding her a good family that would adopt her, but the initial despair and fear in her eyes turned into undying love for my person and I did not leave her in the fight to save her life. She stayed with me and Zizo as the third member of the family.

It's a white kittyMoon. I found her at work staggering unsteadily with a bleeding head wound. She gave him first aid and eagerly awaited the end of the work shift. I checked on her every 20 minutes and gradually realized that the head injury had caused her neurological problems and she had lost her hearing. A long treatment and hospitalization followed, but in the end I found him a loving mother.





















Jamal, (white kitten with spots), is a tomcat I found along with three other siblings. But by the time my working hours were over, he was the only one left. I don't know what happened to the other three siblings, but this poor thing, who weighed barely 500 grams, was taken to the vet, where he was found to be a healthy and playful creature. Found a common home with Luna in Qatar. 

Tie Tie, (tiger cat),I rescued him from a family where he was denied first aid after an eye injury with a screwdriver. Bleeding and crying in pain, I took him to the vet. At that time I had neither a car nor money, but I begged the nurse and the doctor to accept him with the promise that the bill would be paid by the end of his hospitalization. In the end, everything turned out well and he found a home in the UK.

Puti, (white cat), whose face had been injured by a heavy instrument, was lying limp in the street, where I found her bleeding and limp. She was still alive, but she was just before the threshold of the rainbow bridge. I immediately took her to the vet, where she fought for her life. Bravely and it paid off. She found a home in the Philippines.

Ginger.A cat that I found at work so scared that he didn't even want to eat when I was in sight. Luckily it's one of those "lighter" stories because he found a home in Qatar about 48 hours after his story was posted on FB.